PlanJourney.in is India’s best Website which provides the Information about the Latest Gadgets. We Provide relevant Information about Important Gadgets which are used in Day to Day Life. Day to Day life Gadgets includes Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops. We are trying to provide you the best and latest Information about these Gadgets.

We are also Giving Free tutorials on WordPress Website. In this Tutorial, we will help you to make a free website using WordPress without going any Coaching Center. In Today’s Era, use of WordPress Website is growing more faster because it is easy to use. You can make your own website by using WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you can make any type of Website whether it is for Personal Use, Business Use or it is an E-Commerce Website etc. So, Friends, we will provide free tutorials where you can learn and implement the same.

I have made my own YouTube channel also where I am proving free tutorials practically. The name of my channel is GoDigit. I have also uploaded some videos in my website also. So, please Subscribe my Channel and have Fun Learning.


Hello World. My name is Kapil. I am the Founder of plan journey

I am Sr. Software Engineer by Profession. I am not from Website Development Background. But I always wanted to make my own website by myself only. So, I started looking at Google every day how to start and how to make it. I watched so many YouTube videos also to make myself more clearly about website development process. After that step by step, I started working on my website with more enthusiasm. I never felt disappointed whenever I stuck in mid.

As a fresher, it is difficult to start but it is very much possible to make your own website without taking any help from others. If you have that passion for your work, you can achieve anything. Although this is my new website and I have just started, I am very excited and hope you all will help me to achieve my goals. I am doing my best to provide you good content.


If you have any query, feel free to mail me at planjourney22@gmail.com.

I am waiting for your Valuable Inputs.


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