Whenever you start a new WordPress Blog or Website, you will see that in your website URL there is www is missing and you will see only domain name of your website. This is also important to add www to your website URL. We have always seen that every website’s URL is having So, don’t be tense if www is not mention in your website URL. It is very easy to add www to your website.

Firstly just login to your WordPress website and after that you will see your dashboard page.

add www

At the left hand side Corner you can see many options are available. Go to Settings button. After putting a cursor or clicking on Settings button you will see 5-6 options

add www

Here you just have to click on General Option. After clicking on General button you will see General settings page will appear.

add www

In the above picture, you can see two options where you have to change, which are WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). In these two options, you just have to add www. After http://

See an example in the below picture

add www

add www

After adding www. To your website URL just click on Save Changes Button and it will be added to your website URL.

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