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Adding a Page in WordPress Website is Equally Important as adding a theme to your Website. If you want add your Content then you must know how to Add Pages in your website. Now lets start.

First of all you need to Login to your WordPress Account. After Logging to it You will see this window:

This window is showing you Dashboard of your Website where you can see so many options available here at the left corner side.

Next Step is to Go to Pages Option

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After putting a cursor on Pages button you will see two available option which are All Pages and Add New. If you are new to WordPress then its obvious that there are no pages and we have to add a page then Click on Add New Option.

add page

After clicking on add new button you will see this window will appear. Here Just below the Add New Page you can see a blank Box, you have to add a Title of your Page

add page

In the Above Picture you can see the Big Box, here you can add your Content. You can also customize your Content, since there is formatting options are available. At the Right side of the Corner you will see Page Attributes and Featured Image Option, here you can change the Setting accordingly.

add page

Last Step is to Click on PUBLISH Button to make your Page live or if you don’t want to make it live then you can click on SAVE DRAFT Button.







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WordPress Themes are the most important part for creating a website. Before starting a website one must choose a good theme according to their content or how you want your website to be shown. There are so many free themes in a WordPress. You can choose any of the theme according to your content. So, there is no worry for thinking how to make your website attractive and beautiful. There are few steps for adding a theme in a WordPress.

Step 1: Login to your website first and after that you will dashboard will appear on the screen.

add theme 1

Step 2: On the left hand side corner, you will that there are so many options available to work with. You just have to look up for the APPERANCE BUTTON over there to start. Put a Cursor over there on Appearance Button.

add theme 2

Step 3: After putting a cursor on Appearance option, you can see there are so many options available here. Themes, customize, widgets, menus, Editor. Since, we have to add a Theme in our website, So now we will click on Themes button.

add theme 3

add theme 4

Step 4: After clicking on Themes Button you can see a new window is showing over here. In this window, you will 2-3 themes are already installed and one has already been activated. Now we have to click on Add New Theme or Add New Button. Here you can see there are two options for adding a theme. One option is at the Top of the themes with a ADD NEW option button and other option is besides the themes which are already installed and it is mention with ADD NEW THEME in a Box. You can click any of the Option.

add theme 5 add theme 6

Step 5: After clicking on any of the two options you will see the new screen will appear in which there are number of themes available for you. These themes are categorized into four parts that are Featured, Popular, Latest and Favourites. Besides these four categories you can see feature filter option available here, where you can filter the options for themes according to you.

add theme 7

After clicking on feature filter you will see these options. The Feature filter is categorized into three parts i.e. Subject, Features and Layout. But if you do not know how to use these filters then you can skip this and go back to themes. If you want latest themes, click on Latest button.

Step 6: After clicking on Latest Button, you will see so many latest free themes will appear. You can choose any of the theme you would like to add. Since, If you are new to these things and you are no aware which one is best theme. Then just put a cursor on any of the theme, you will see details and preview button on that.

add theme 8

Click on the details and preview button. After clicking on details and preview button you will see the preview of the theme with details of theme. Then you will get to know detailed information about the theme and you can see how the theme will look like after installing and activating it.

add theme 9

If you like the theme, then click on Install Button or you can click on Cross button to go back.

Step 7: Click on Install button and after that activate button to use the theme. This is last step of adding or changing a theme in a WordPress. After installing and activating a theme you will see customize option on that theme.

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