How to Add Products in Woo-Commerce in WordPresss

WooCommerce is an E-Commerce Plugin where you can sell all your Products at one place without any extra payment, this Plugin is Free. Now here are few steps to Add Products to your website.

Login to your website and You will Redirect to Dashboard Page. In your Dashboard Page, you will see Products Options just below the WooCommerce Menu Option.

products in wordpress

First of all, you need to add Categories of your Product. To add Categories Click on Products Option then click on Categories.

products in wordpress1

After Clicking on Categories option, you will Redirect to Categories Page.

products in wordpress2

products in wordpress3

In the Above Picture, you can see Add New Category is written. Under which there are so many options to fill.

-Name: Write the Name of the Product Category

-Parent Category: If it is your first category of a product then click on None otherwise you can choose category type. For Example, Main Category is Jewellery and its subcategory will be Earrings or Necklace.

-Description: You can write Description of your product category if you want.

-Thumbnail: Here you have to upload image for your product Category

So, these were the few steps to add a Category before adding any product to the website.

Steps To Add a Product:

Step 1: Click on Products Menu and then Click on Add New Button

products in wordpress4

Step 2: After Clicking on Add New Button, Add New Product Page will appear.

Step 3: Fill these Options to Add your Product

-Product Name: Add the Name of your Product

-Product Category: Enter the Category of your Product which you have made.

-Enter the Information about your Product in the Blank box

-Next step is Product data Box where you have to fill Product Price and other available options according to your need.

-Then you will see Product Short Description Box where you have to fill the Short description of your Product.

-The right side of Product short Description box you will see two boxes, Product Image, and Product Gallery, where you have to upload pictures of your Product.

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