Woo-commerce In WordPress: How to Add and Complete Setup


WooCommerce is a Free E-commerce Plugin which allows you to sell anything on your website. WooCommerce is the World’s Favourite E-commerce Solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.


-Sell anything, anywhere

-Ship wherever you like

-Extensive Payment Options

-Complete store Control

-Define your style with storefront

WooCommerce Installation in WordPress:

Step 1: Go to Plugins Option and Click on Add new Plugin Button

Step 2: Search WooCommerce Plugin

Step 3: Click on Install Now Button and then Click on Activate Button

These are the few steps which help you to add WooCommerce to your WordPress Website

Setup of WooCommerce Plugin in WordPress:

Step 1:

After Activating WooCommerce Plugin you will see a dialog box like this


If you want to Setup WooCommerce then Click on let’s Go! Button, otherwise you can click on Not Right Now Button.

Step 2: After Clicking on Lets Go button you will see Page Setup Dialog Box


If you want to skip this step and move to another Step then you can click on skip this step button, otherwise, click on the Continue button. This Page setup Includes pages Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account. WooCommerce will automatically create these pages to WordPress Website if you will click on Continue Button but if you skip this step you will not get any pages in your website.

Step 3: After Completing Page Setup Step you will redirect to another Step that is Store Locale.


In this Step, you have filled your details first about your store location, currency, product weight, and product dimensions. After filling your details click on the Continue button.

Step 4: After completing Store Locale Setup then you will redirect to Shipping & Tax Setup Screen.


In this Shipping and Tax Setup, you will get two options which are Will you be Shipping products where you have to choose whether you want to Ship your products or not if not then don’t click tick on the box and another option is will you be charging sales tax. If you are charging sales tax then click on box so that tick will come and then click on Continue Button to move Further.

Step 5: After completion of Shipping and Tax setup the next step is Payment Setup


You can choose your payment type method whichever suits you. WooCommerce can accept both online and offline payment. Then click on continue to move further.

Step 6: After completing Payments steps you will get Ready Dialog box in which you just have to check out from this setup. If you want to create your Product then you can click on create your First Product and if you want to close it then click on Return to WordPress Dashboard.


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